Transforming Concrete

Concrete floors are notorious dirt-collectors, prone to cracks and stains because of their porous nature. They are difficult to sweep and wash.
And for most of us, our garage floors are simply invisible until they crack, or stain from an oil leak - then they become highly visible, but only as an eyesore.

Garage Busters can transform your garage floors into a practical, low-maintenance, easy-to-clean, crack-free, stunning extension to your home that will extend the life of your floor and increase the value of your property.

Epoxy Floors

Garage Busters grinds each floor with industrial diamond pads to unclog dirt and debris from surface pores and remove stains and imperfections prior to applying the first coat to the now smooth, fresh concrete.

Each floor is then back-rolled at least twice to ensure that the concrete is completely sealed and smooth prior to the application of designer surfaces, and finally, the non-slip, high-gloss topcoat sealant is applied.

The result is a stunning floor that will last for many years. Like some of our customers, you may want to move your cars out and host a party in such a beautiful, elegant and spotless space!